Inaugural Conference Master in History and Digital Humanities & Permanent Seminar Severiano Hernández, "Digital History and State Archives of Spain"

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November 16, 2022
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Digital Humanities, Archival Science, Modern European History / Studies, Early Modern History and Period Studies

Dear colleagues,

From the PAI HUM 1000 group, "History of Globalization: violence, negotiation and interculturality" and the Master in History and Digital Humanities, we are pleased to invite all interested persons to the Inaugural Conference of the Master in the framework of the Permanent Seminar "Iberian Worlds and Early Globalization." The session will take place next Wednesday, November 16 at 5 p.m. (CET) in the telepresence room of Building 6 of the UPO, with the lecture by Severiano Hernández, Deputy Director General of the State Archives, "Digital History and State Archives of Spain." 

It will also be possible to attend by zoom. The detailed program and zoom access codes are available at:

We hope that the session will be of interest to you.

Best regards,

Igor Pérez Tostado

IP of the PAI HUM 1000 group "History of globalization: violence, negotiation and interculturality".

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