“Out of the Box": meaning, innovation and empowerment in entering teaching and in the continuum of professional development

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November 8, 2022 to January 1, 2023
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Educational Technology, Humanities, Teaching and Learning

The School of Education at Achva Academic College, in response to the changing reality in the education systems, has made it its mission to promote the ideas of meaning, innovation and empowerment among students and teachers throughout their professional development. All this- aims to create opportunities that can "get out of the box", thereby exposing the students to significant and high-quality learning processes in order to empower them. As mentioned, we seek to get “out of the box" and take a fresh look at the process of training and entering teaching as a lever for creating meaning, innovation and empowerment. The conference will discuss pedagogical issues, tools and skills regarding the meaning, innovation and empowerment of kindergarten teachers and teachers from the training stage onwards, all with the aim of building and shaping an organizational culture that promotes these aspects. The conference will make it possible to connect development and learning in training, entry into teaching and the continuum of professional development.

The English part will be held online. The sessions will be devoted to the following topics, with an emphasis on entry into teaching and with reference to the continuum between training and teaching and at all stages of professional development:

A. Models and applications of meaning, innovation and empowerment

B. Innovative pedagogy as a basis for the perception of the role

C. Techno-pedagogical innovation

D. Innovation in social-emotional learning

E. Study of practice: reciprocal relations between academia and the field, including the headquarters

F. Sharing and leading beginning teachers in empowering communities

G. Innovative models of learning and experience at the stage of entering teaching (such as learning through simulations and incubators) and throughout the training sequence for teaching

H. The internship workshops as an opportunity to strengthen and develop tools and skills to promote innovation and entrepreneurship of the teaching flowers and new teaching staff in order to cope with the challenges at the stages of entering teaching and continuing on the professional path

I. The teacher-mentor as an intermediary for meaning, empowerment and encouragement for entrepreneurship and innovation

J. Models of systemic, inclusive and personal absorption of beginning teaching staff by school principals and preschool supervisors

k. Development of an "independent learner" at the various stages of entry into teaching (internships, internships and mentoring workshops) L. Coexistence: Training and Entry into Teaching in a Multicultural Society.

Instructions for submitting proposals for the conference: The proposal must include the presentation of the topic, the rationale, the goals, the methodology and the findings of the research and its contribution (the scope of the proposal should not exceed 400 words).

Contact Info: 

Mrs. Moran Okon, Achva Academic College, kenes@achva.ac.il