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January 19, 2023
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American History / Studies, Cultural History / Studies, East Asian History / Studies, History of Science, Medicine, and Technology, British History / Studies

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October 2022, Volume 63, No. 4


On the Cover


Systemic and Epistemic Racism in the History of Technology | Chandra Bhimull, Gabrielle Hecht, Edward Jones-Imhotep, C. Chakanetsa Mavhunga, Lisa Nakamura, and Asif Siddiqi

Socializing the Technosphere | Chris Otter


Research Articles

Crafted for Mass Production: Imported Spinning Machinery on the Shop Floor, China, 1910s–1920s | Yuan Yi

Becoming "Escalator-Legged" in Interwar London: Mechanization, Habit, and the Mobile Body | Richard Hornsey

Designing for Maintenance: Plant Care Technology in the Office | Jennifer Kaufmann-Buhler

Beautiful Sounds, Beautiful Life: Cultivating Musical Listening through Hearing Aids in 1950s Japan | Frank Mondelli

Neither Nation nor Empire: Situating Shanghai Radio in a Global Technological Moment, 1922–25 | John Alekna

Manning the Torpedo Boats: How Gendered Insecurities Shaped Naval War in the United States and Britain, 1860–1900 | Tommy Jamison


Public History

Going Digital: The Research Library and the Pandemic | Benjamin Gross and Allison Marsh

Research in the Time of COVID: Virtual Fellowships at the Linda Hall Library | Benjamin Gross

Fellows Online: The User Experience | Interviews by Allison Marsh



Review of Twenty-Six Volumes of History of Science and Technology in China | Xing Huang and Xiaowu Guan


Book Reviews

Review of Pipe Dreams: Water and Empire in Central Asia's Aral Sea Basin by Maya K. Peterson | Marianne Kamp

Review of In the Forest of No Joy: The Congo-Océan Railroad and the Tragedy of French Colonialism by J. P. Daughton |  Friedrich N. Ammermann

Review of The Panama Railroad by Peter Pyne | Michael K. Bess

Review of A History of Water Engineering and Management in Yemen: Material Remains and Textual Foundations by Ingrid Hehmeyer | Jethron Ayumbah Akallah

Review of Une histoire politique du canal de Göta: Technique, infrastructure et pouvoirs en Europe du Nord (années 1790–1832) [A political history of Göta Canal: Technology, infrastructure and power in northern Europe (1790–1832)] by Thomas Gauchet | Björn Hasselgren

Review of Cesty a dial'nice na Slovensku v medzivojnovom období [Roads and highways in Slovakia during the interwar period] by Michal Ďurčo | Jan Stemberk 

Review of Autonorama: The Illusory Promise of High-Tech Driving by Peter Norton | Brian Ladd

Review of Silver Veins, Dusty Lungs: Mining, Water, and Public Health in Zacatecas, 1835–1946 by Rocio Gomez | Saul Guerrero

Review of Timber, Sail, and Rail: An Archaeology of Industry, Immigration, and the Loma Prieta Mill by Marco G. Meniketti | Erik Loomis

Review of Classes of Labour: Work and Life in a Central Indian Steel Townby Jonathan Parry | Smritikumar Sarkar

Review of Enduring Change: The Labor and Social History of One Third-Front Industrial Complex in China from the 1960s to the Presentby Ju Li | Valeria Zanier

Review of Cuba's Digital Revolution: Citizen Innovation and State Policyed. by Ted A. Henken and Sara Garcia Santamaria | Jennifer M. Lozano

Review of Hacked Transmissions: Technology and Connective Activism in Italy by Alessandra Renzi | Stefania Milan

Review of Wie der Sozialstaat digital wurde: Die Computerisierung der Rentenversicherung im geteilten Deutschland [How the welfare state went digital: The computerization of pension insurance in divided Germany] by Thomas Kasper | Peter Krapp

Review of Mit der Post in die Zukunft: Der Bildschirmtext in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland von 1977 bis 2001 [Postal service into the future: Bildschirmtext in the Federal Republic of Germany, 1977–2001] by Hagen Schönrich | Tina Kubot

Review of Homebrew Gaming and the Beginnings of Vernacular Digitality by Melanie Swalwell | Anne Ladyem McDivitt

Review of Atari Age: The Emergence of Video Games in America by Michael Z. Newman | Casey O’Donnell

Review of The Typewriter Century: A Cultural History of Writing Practices by Martyn Lyons | James Inglis

Review of Powerful Frequencies: Radio, State Power, and the Cold War in Angola, 1931–2002 by Marissa J. Moorman | Vincent Kuitenbrouwer

Review of The Cinema in Flux: The Evolution of Motion Picture Technology from the Magic Lantern to the Digital Era by Lenny Lipton | Sabrina Negri

Review of Chinatown Film Culture: The Appearance of Cinema in San Francisco's Chinese Neighborhood by Kim K. Fahlstedt | Xin Peng

Review of Photography's Materialities: Transatlantic Photographic Practices over the Long Nineteenth Century ed. by Geoff Bender and Rasmus R. Simonsen | Elisa DeCourcy

Review of Samuel Beckett and Technology ed. by Galina Kiryushina, Einat Adar, and Mark Nixon
| Lois Oppenheim

Review of Historia de la ciencia ficción latinoamericana I: Desde los orígenes hasta la modernidad [A history of Latin American science fiction: From its origins to modernity] ed. by Teresa López-Pellisa and Silvia G. Kurlat Ares | David S. Dalton

Review of Mapping AIDS: Visual Histories of an Enduring Epidemic by Lukas Engelmann | Janet Greenlees

Review of Radiation Evangelists: Technology, Therapy and Uncertainty at the Turn of the Century by Jeffrey Womack | Maria Rentetzi

Review of The Lure of the Beach: A Global History by Robert C. Ritchie | Douglas Booth

Review of Camp Century: The Untold Story of America's Secret Arctic Military Base under the Greenland Ice by Kristian H. Nielsen and Henry Nielsen | Antoine Bousquet

Review of La Puissance du vent: Des moulins à vent aux éoliennes modernes [The power of the wind: From windmills to modern wind turbines] by Philippe Bruyerre | Elisa Grandi

Review of The Green Revolution in the Global South: Science, Politics, and Unintended Consequences by R. Douglas Hurt | Corinna R. Unger

Review of On an Empty Stomach: Two Hundred Years of Hunger Relief by Tom Scott-Smith | Ralf Futselaar

Review of The Chemistry of Fear: Harvey Wiley's Fight for Pure Food by Jonathan Rees | Florence Hachez-Leroy

Review of Atomic Americans: Citizens in a Nuclear State by Sarah E. Robey | William M. Knoblauch

Review of A Technological History of Cold-War India, 1947–1969: Autarky and Foreign Aid by William A. T. Logan | Marc Reyes

Review of The Doomsday Clock at 75 ed. by Robert K. Elder and J. C. Gabel | Casper Sylvest

Review of Autarchia e multinazionali: Casi di imprese estere del settore chimico in Italia durante il Fascismo [Autarky and multinationals: Cases of foreign companies in Italy's chemical sector during Fascism] ed. by Marco Bertilorenzi | Franco Calascibetta

Review of Physical Models: Their Historical and Current Use in Civil and Building Engineering Design ed. by Bill Addis | David F. Channell

Review of Les artilleurs et la monarchie hispanique (1560–1610): Guerres, savoirs techniques, État [Artillerymen and the Hispanic monarchy (1560–1610): Wars, technical knowledge, and the State] by Brice Cossart | Emmanuel de Crouy-Chanel

Review of Limiting Outer Space: Astroculture After Apollo ed. by Alexander C. T. Geppert, and: Militarizing Outer Space: Astroculture, Dystopia and the Cold War ed. by Alexander C. T. Geppert, Daniel Brandau, and Tilmann Siebeneichner | Thomas Ellis

Review of Making the Palace Machine Work: Mobilizing People, Objects, and Nature in the Qing Empire ed. by Martina Siebert, Kai Jun Chen, and Dorothy Ko | Susan Naquin

Review of Warmes Wasser – Weiße Ware: Energiewende im Badezimmer, 1880–1939 [Warm water – White goods: Energy transition in the bathroom, 1880–1939] by Nina Lorkowski | Christian Stadelmann



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