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Call for Publications
Oklahoma, United States
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Literature, Social Sciences, Humanities

Indian University Press exists to provide a publishing medium for authors who seek to publish good prose, literature, scholarship, and college texts that conform to the mission of Bacone College, which provides a liberal arts education in a caring Christian environment for a wide variety of students, especially American Indians.

The Editorial Board of Indian University Press will consider nonfiction and fiction manuscripts from authors who have

--a regional (eastern Oklahoma, western Arkansas) focus,

--or a focus on American Indian affairs,

--or have a unique point of view on higher education, history, the social sciences, or the humanities,

--or have a text that fits the Bacone College curriculum.

 For Nonfiction proposals, we seek a synopsis of the book (extensive, multipage overview of argument and evidence, what your book accomplishes and why it is unique, how many pages and illustrations, and timeline for completion/submission); a chapter by chapter outline (provide several sentences describing each chapter); your credentials (what are your credentials, education and experience, that make you the best person to write this book); and sample chapters (preferably, the first chapter or two of your book)

For Fiction, we seek a synopsis of the book (In 500 words, overview of the story, characters, and themes, number of pages, and timeline for completion/submission; also include brief author bio); and sample chapters (preferably, the first three chapters or first 50 pages of your book).

Please go to the Indian University website at

and click on either the nonfiction or fiction tab to make your submission.

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