"What Was Stono", by Peter H. Wood

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South Carolina, United States
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Free booklet entitled “What Was Stono?” by Peter H. Wood

Duke University historian Peter H. Wood, author of Black Majority, has created a free 12-page pamphlet entitled “What Was Stono?” The Slave Dwelling Project and CLAW (the Carolina Lowcountry and Atlantic World Program, at the College of Charleston) have sponsored the publication, in collaboration with The 1772 Foundation and the National Park Service Underground Railroad Network to Freedom. This brief illustrated overview puts South Carolina’s 1739 Stono Rebellion in context, discussing the causes and consequences of the largest slave uprising in colonial North America, and its relation to Spanish Florida.
“What Was Stono?” provides a welcome resource for secondary school teachers, college classes, and graduate instruction. Importantly, it is designed for a broad audience, including interestedreaders of all ages, plus public institutions, historic sites, libraries, and discussion groups. Free print copies can be ordered from CLAW director Sandra Slater (slaters@cofc.edu). In addition, anyone is welcome to download, circulate, print, or post the free pdf (readable on laptops and iPhones) at https://slavedwellingproject.org/ or bit.ly/srglance.

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Sandy Slater, Director, Carolina Low Country and Atlantic Porgram

College of Charleston

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