Corruption and Anticorruption in Historical Perspective (from Middle Ages to Modern Age)

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June 30, 2016
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Early Modern History and Period Studies, Eastern Europe History / Studies, Medieval and Byzantine History / Studies, Modern European History / Studies

Annales Universitatis Apulensis. Series Historica (AUASH), 20, I (2016)

Corruption and Anticorruption in Historical Perspective (from Middle Ages to Modern Age)

Editors: Cosmin Popa-Gorjanu and Remus Câmpeanu

We intend through this issue of the journal to give to specialists in medieval, pre-modern and modern history the opportunity to approach the manifestations of phenomena perceived as corruption by the contemporary society. The subjects of analysis are not limited to facts and practices, but they can include perceptions and ideas regarding these, as well as their articulation in discursive form and the development of institutional or normative means of combating corruption. 


Corrupt practices in administration and judicial system. Corruption in government;official malfeasance; official misconduct; abuse of authority; waste and fraud; bribery; extortion; kickbacks; embezzlement.

Patron-client relationship: Nepotism; simony; venality of office; selling of office; advancement to office by gift and favor; gift-giving; appointment through networks of patronage; distribution of benefits, honours, and favors.

Anticoruption: Discourse against corruption; language of corruption; criticism; legislation against corruption.


June 30, 2016(for sending title and abstracts and short biographical description).

October 1, 2016 (for sending the final format of the paper accompanied with abstract in English and five keywords).

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