IAFOR - The Asian Conference on the Social Sciences 2016 (ACSS2016)

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Call for Papers
June 9, 2016 to June 12, 2016
Subject Fields: 
Social History / Studies, Social Sciences, Social Work, Sociology

Held alongside The Asian Conference on Sustainability, Energy & the Environment and The Asian Conference on Aging & Gerontology at the Art Center of Kobe, Kobe, Japan from Thursday, June 9 - Sunday, June 12, 2016, join us as we discuss this year’s conference theme, “Justice and Sustainability” in an international, interdisciplinary and intercultural setting.

The Abstract Submission Deadline is April 15, 2016.

To submit an abstract: http://iafor.org/iafor/iafor-submission-system/login.php

Please remember to submit your abstract(s) before the deadline in order to complete the review process.

The Registration Deadline is May 15, 2016.

To register: http://iafor.org/acss2016-registration/

Join us in Kobe and contribute to the conference dialogue along with ACSS2016 Keynote Speakers Professor Jun Arima and Professor Gregory Clark. For more information on ACSS2016 Keynote and Featured Speakers, please visit our website.


Join IAFOR at ACSS2016 to:

  • Deliver your research findings to a global audience
  • Have your work published in the conference proceedings and considered for peer-reviewed, open access IAFOR Journals
  • Benefit from IAFOR’s interdisciplinary focus by hearing the latest research in the field of the Social Sciences
  • Participate in a truly international, interdisciplinary and intercultural event
  • Participate in interactive audience sessions
  • Access international networking opportunities

Conference Theme

The conference theme for ACSS2016 is “Justice and Sustainability”. Justice and Sustainability is this year’s conference theme for the 2016 IAFOR Social Sciences conferences. Justice can be used as a working tool within a framework for social science research. It can be the basis of an investigation into and the complex interplay of systems of law, education, business and public policy that comprise the context of social life.

​This theme invites us looks at concepts and forms Justice can take, and the contested spaces around these terms, particularly the issues of sustainability, the environment, domestic and international law, equity, along with access to water, food, healthcare and education.

This international and interdisciplinary conference calls for social scientists around the globe to come together to share their respective outlooks and collective wisdoms in the pursuit of a sustainable world. The speakers will be expressing divergent views, searching for common ground, and looking for the synergies that can inspire multidisciplinary research collaborations, as we work together to address complex problems, establish common visions, and motivate communities and societies to embody the ideal of justice in their activities.

The conferences are an ambitious expression of the steadily emerging global network of IAFOR activities. Justice is this year’s conference theme for the 2016 IAFOR Social Sciences conferences, in an ambitious conference program that will be held in four venues (Japan, Dubai, UK, USA) and across three continents, with a combined attendance of more than a thousand delegates from over 50 countries, and dozens more cultures.

We hope and expect the 2016 conference themes to inspire a number of research avenues, and look forward to discussing ideas, findings and synergies, in this International Academic Forum.

About IAFOR and its events

IAFOR welcomes thousands of academics to our conferences each year, which range in size from around 100 to in excess of 500 attendees. They do so because of the supportive and nurturing research environment, because of the unique networking opportunities, and because of the strength of the organization’s platform.

Our conferences are meticulously planned and programmed under the direction of prominent academics to ensure that they offer programs of the highest level, and are also quite unique in the way in which they are supported by some of the world’s leading academic institutions, including the University of London (UK), Virginia Tech (USA), Monash University (Australia), Barcelona University (Spain), Waseda University (Japan), the National Institute of Education (Singapore), and The Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKSAR).

IAFOR’s credibility has enabled it to become a genuine pioneer, and has grown to be the most respected and trusted organization encouraging international, intercultural and interdisciplinary study. The organization is a formative influence in providing new research avenues and visionary development solutions necessary in our rapidly emerging globalized world.

We welcome you to engage in this expanding global academic community of individuals and network of institutions, and look forward to seeing you at one of our future events, as we look forward to breaking new ground, together.

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