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Call for Papers
October 27, 2022 to December 23, 2022
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African History / Studies, Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Black History / Studies, Digital Humanities, Literature

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Submission Deadline – December 23, 2022


“I view long-term peace and stability as impossible unless Liberians develop a new, more fully embracing understanding of themselves. And, that can only come from the humanities. That means capturing our cadences in poetry, film, drama and song. But mainly drawing upon our past to inform our steps forward.” - Dr. Patrick Burrowes, Preface of Between the Kola Forest & the Salty Sea. 

Over a six week book study in September 2022 led by Archive Liberia, the theme of Between the Kola Forest and the Salty Sea was created to explore various forms of recognition expanding on the framework developed by Dr. Patrick Burrowes. To continue the conversations established in the study, we are seeking short stories, poems, interviews, essays, reviews of books, art, photography, and other types of visual media about Liberia and its diaspora. The aim of this anthology is to conceptualize and reflect on themes explored in the book that are centered around the idea of anti-colonial Africa, specifically in what is now Liberia; therefore, this signifier demands to a legitimate recognition by those who purposefully try to obliterate others and their histories into invisible spaces. 


Suggested topics include but are not limited to:


  • Literature and linguistics focusing on perspectives within Liberian culture, politics, and society.
  • Language variation, language planning and policy, discourse analysis, and pragmatics in Liberia.
  • Pedagogical research on academic, cultural, historical and/or socio-political visibility within Liberia.
  • Pedagogical techniques used within Liberia in reference to literature of visibility.
  • Multimedia art within Liberian cultural communities.
  • New readings on classic and contemporary Liberian literature.


For poetry, submit up to 4 poems in a single MS Word document. For all other work, you may submit up to 2,000 words in a single MS Word document. 

All images should be submitted in .jpg format. You may submit 4-5 jpgs no wider than 480 pixels for portrait and no taller than 480 pixels for landscape. Each image should initially be under 250kb and should be accompanied by a brief description in the cover page. Larger file sizes will be requested once images are accepted for publication. The same guidelines apply for photography submissions as well as photography of art submissions. 

Videos should be first uploaded to Vimeo or Youtube and proof of authorship must be included in the cover letter. 

Please include a 150 word abstract of your work and a 70 word bio in an MS Word document. Make sure it includes your name, contact information, and institutional affiliation (if it applies). 


Please send your submissions to with “Anthology Submission” in the subject line OR complete the anthology submission form.