RGS Working Group Application Endorsements: Animal Geographies

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Animal Studies, Anthropology, Environmental History / Studies, Geography, Sociology

With apologies for cross-posting. 

We are currently seeking endorsements from RGS Fellows and other animal geographers to support our application for establishing an Animal Geography RGS Working Group. 

Animals have a long and rich history as part of the geographical discipline, dating back at least a century, and the place of animals in the discipline has been changed and reconfigured multiple times. Most recently, animals have formed a significant part of geography's “more-than-human” turn, and now figure prominently in many of geography’s sub-disciplines. However, while the diffusion of animal geographies across the discipline has prompted fruitful conversations, there is also a need for animal geographers to build their own community to forge an identity for animal geography within the broader discipline, and to consider the key opportunities and challenges for this emergent and quickly growing sub-discipline. The central purpose of the proposed RGS Animal Geographies Working Group, will therefore be to create a community and space for geographers researching with and for animals, across and beyond the discipline, to define, expand and develop animal geographies in the UK and elsewhere. 

If you are able to offer your support and endorsement, we would appreciate if you could add your details to the following Google Form: https://forms.gle/UBcFpiR6V8bps6veA

Please do not hesitate to contact one of us at the below email addresses if you have any questions or feedback.
Many thanks in advance, 

Hannah Dickinson (Hannah.dickinson2@durham.ac.uk)
Catherine Oliver (C.Oliver@lancaster.ac.uk)
Jamie Arathoon (Jamie.Arathoon@ed.ac.uk

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Catherine Oliver: C.Oliver@Lancaster.ac.uk