CLT2 v53n1&2 free access

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Chinese History / Studies, Literature, Philosophy

The first issue of CLT2 (Chinese Literature and Culture Today) is online! Enjoy the free access period until the end of November.

The issue has the first part of the special issue "Re-Aestheticizing Labor" guest-edited by Zhuoyi Wang and myself, as well as a section of the first CLT2 featured scholar Liu Zaifu 刘再复.

The issue also features short stories by Han Song 韩松, Soon Ai-ling 孙爱玲, poems by Ren Hongyuan 任洪渊, Hu Xudong 胡续冬(胡子), and Zhang Zhihao 张执浩, an essay on the crisis of poetry by Chris Song, and two conversations on Chinese literature and translation.

You are welcome to submit special section proposals and/or individual papers of varying lengths to CLT2. Please contact me at if you have any exciting idea or questions.