Ann.: African Poems: Oral Poetry from Africa adds Malawi radio archives

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October 24, 2022
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African History / Studies, Literature, Nationalism History / Studies

There is a new and growing online collection of African poems and radio archives, organized by Martin White and others. 

The website was created and is curated by Martin Kondwani White. Recently he worked with Wailiko Makhala of the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation [MBC] to translate and publish songs and poetry from their archives for his website. The MBC archive also has interviews concerning historical events in the colonial and early independence period. They include people who were part of the liberation struggle as well as those who were political detainees and exiles, including Machipitsa Munthali and Rose Chibambo.  Wailiko Makhala invites students, scholars, community intellectuals to more fully explore these archives. Waliko Makhala is willing to be contacted through his email

Please visit our site at African Poems: Oral Poetry from Africa -- -- to see the wide range of our current holdings, and sign up to learn about new poems and other oral resources as they are added to the archive.


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