Quest for Form (the series Poetry Translation )

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Call for Papers
October 20, 2016 to October 21, 2016
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Classical Studies, Composition & Rhetoric, Humanities, Languages, Literature

Department of Transcultural Literary (UKSW, Warsaw) is delighted to invite for international conference as a part of the series Poetry Translation – Negotiating of Imagination

Quest for Form

which is a continuation of the pondering started in 2012. The discussion was opened with quest and negotiation concerning a poetry articulation in the various languages. Negotiating of imagination is visible in the poetic form too. The determinants of this form are not only the metre factors but also polysemiotic influences. The conference encourages the presentations of the issues evoked with the form concept in the poetry, with the influence of the cultural determinants on the poetic form simultaneously exploring the literary predicaments.

Conference subjects may address but are not limited to the following areas:

1. Realization of the historical metrical arrangement (metrum, rythm, rhyme, homophony, onomatopoeics) –  question concerning anachronic, modern character of it.

2. Intersemiotic character of the transaltion – music/ performance (poem musicality, graphical quest, visuality, concrete poetry).

3. Metaphor – the metaphor contextualization as instrument of the historical poetics, the redefinition attempt, a quest for metaphorical equivalence in the transaltion.

4. Context influence on the poetic form of the translation – the quest for the domestication, the antique paradigms, the quest for the role of the title, the motto, the quotation; the evaluation of the reception status and its influence on the form – the reception role of the poetry, intertextuality).

The aim of the conference is to assemble, elaborate, and develop the researches results, not to limit the visible form conversion.

Paper proposals with the institutional affiliation and short CV are welcome in the form of the abstract in English and bilingual version (Polish and English) for the papers concerning Polish poetry. Abstracts shall be sent to by 30.06.2016.

Conference fee is 100 euro and includes conference materials, coffee breaks and partially fee of a post-conference publication.


Additional pieces of information (concerning payment term, issuing the invoices – would be sent via e-mail with the notifications of the acceptance).

Bank account numbers:

PLN: 81 1090 1014 0000 0001 2229 7627

EUR: 95 1090 1014 0000 0001 2427 2974


We look forward to greeting you at the conference!

Conference organisers:

Prof. UKSW dr hab. Anna Szczepan-Wojnarska

Secretary – mgr Agata Mikołajko

Academic council:

Prof. dr hab. Piotr Mitzner

Prof. dr hab. Katarzyna Kuczyńska-Koschany

Prof. dr hab. Jean Ward


First post-conference publication:

Tłumaczenie poezji-negocjowanie wyobraźni. Poszukiwania, Wydawnictwo UKSW Warszawa 2014 (ISBN 978-83-64181-80-1)

Planned conferences of the series:

Quest for Transcendence/ Quest for Market/ Negotiating of Imagination

Contact Info: 

Agata Mikołajko