Approaches to Madness, (Ab)normality, and Power in Literature and Culture, ACLA Annual Meeting, March 16-19

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Call for Papers
March 16, 2023 to March 19, 2023
Illinois, United States
Subject Fields: 
Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies, Literature, Race Studies, Sexuality Studies, Women's & Gender History / Studies

Abstract deadline : 31st of October, 2022 

This seminar reflects on the aesthetics of madness and abnormality to explore the manifold meanings of their mobilization in literary and cultural production. We invite papers that investigate madness as the ‘other side’ of reason; as an affective state; as a mode of aesthetic production and experience; and as a possible form of contestation or disruption of established hegemonies and normative discourses; or, alternatively, acquiescence to them. We particularly welcome papers that interrogate crossings of madness, (ab)normality, and normativity in relation to questions of decolonization, queerness, race, gender, and non-normative embodied experiences.

350 word abstracts are to be submitted directly to ACLA website by October, 31st as per the link below. If you have any questions, please contact Austin Gaffin ( or Linda Istanbulli (

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