Dancing with the Zapatistas: New Digital Book Project edited by Diana Taylor and Lorie Novak

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Duke University Press announces an exciting new online book project edited by Diana Taylor and Lorie Novak. Dancing with the Zapatistas is freely available online and is a collaboration between Scalar, the Hemispheric Institute of Performance & Politics at NYU, and Duke University Press. 

Dancing with the Zapatistas brings together scholars, artists, journalists, and activists to respond to the continuing work of the Zapatistas twenty years after their insurrection in 1994. Available online, this open access multimedia digital book includes essays, photo essays, interviews, and spoken word and theatrical performances that offer insights into the workings of the Zapatista Council on Good Government; the murals in the Caracoles; the Escuelita; Subcomandante Marcos; and Zapatista music and celebrations. An exceptionally rich visual resource, this book discusses how Zapatista and Mayan thought permeate the daily life of the Zapatistas, from the way in which their languages configure collective identity to how music affirms the Zapatistas' conception of history. Ultimately, Dancing with the Zapatistas considers how the Zapatistas work with those outside their movement while covering how they have influenced the practices of activists and artists around the globe.

Contributors: Brian Batchelor, Henry Castillo, Elvira Colorado, Hortencia Colorado, María Luisa de la Garza, Ricardo Dominguez, Jennifer Flores Sternad Ponce de León, Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Marta Molina, Lorie Novak, Julio Pantoja, Claudia Isabel Serrano Otero, Jacques Servin (a.k.a. Andy Bichlbaum), Alexei Taylor, Diana Taylor, Luis Vargas-Santiago, Moysés Zuñiga

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