Theophron Spring 2023: Vice, Virtue, & Disagreement

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Call for Papers
February 12, 2023
United States
Subject Fields: 
Ancient History, Intellectual History, Philosophy, Religious Studies and Theology, Sociology

Theophron Journal of Christian Studies is a multidisciplinary, double-blind peer reviewed journal based in Princeton, NJ. Below is our spring 2023 call: Vice, Virtue, & Disagreement

Taken narrowly, vice and virtue comprise both central considerations of virtue ethical theories and peripheral considerations of any sophisticated normative ethics—that is, all plausible normative ethics will comment on vice and virtue in some manner. Taken broadly, the terms relate to goodness and badness, righteousness and evil, morality and depravity, inculcation and elimination. In each of these conjunctions, conflict stands at the forefront. Similar tensions manifest across theory and lived experience, from disagreement and wars to schisms and debates on the very existence of God. The interplay of vice, virtue, and conflict, then, occasions inquiry into the facets of life in a broken world and faith in the One who alone is perfect. 

With this topic in mind, we invite undergraduate and graduate students, as well as early-career post-docs, to submit to Theophron’s spring 2023 issue. Scholarship from all fields, particularly philosophy, theology, history, and biblical studies, is welcome. 

Possible topics include but are certainly not limited to:  

  • Epistemology of Religious or Moral Disagreement 
  • Historical Christian Responses to Global Strife 
  • Virtue’s Role in Christian Discipleship across Traditions 
  • Prophetic & Apostolic Responses to Political-Religious Tensions
  • Moral Arguments for God’s Existence
  • Just War Theory & Pacifism in World War II 
  • Early Church Understandings of Spiritual Conflict
  • Metaethics and Theories of Sin
  • Protestant, Catholic, & Orthodox Views of Vice
  • Historical Case Studies on Christian Moral Disagreement 

Submission Instructions

Submissions should be between 4,000–6,500 words (not including abstract), conform to the Chicago Manual of Style (17th edition), and be original, unpublished works prepared for double-blind peer review. Please include an abstract of no more than 250 words, uploading the entire manuscript in both PDF and .docx formats at Do not place your name or any identifying information on the submitted manuscript—author identities will remain anonymous to reviewers and editors until after final acceptance/rejection decisions.  

Submissions received by February 12, 2023, will be considered for publication. 

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