CFA: Working Group on Revisionist Zionism in North America

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November 11, 2022
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Jewish History / Studies, Middle East History / Studies, World History / Studies

Brian Horowitz (Tulane U.) and Andrew Koss (Mosaic) invite applications for participation in a three-part research/discussion group on Revisionist Zionism in North America. The Working Group will be sponsored by Tulane University's Grant Center for the American Jewish Experience, and participants will be paid an honorarium for full participation in the group ($500). Read more about past working group's here

The Revisionist Zionism in North America Working Group will have three Zoom sessions -- one in January, one in February, and one in March.  

Topics will focus on:  

  • January The Bergson Group and American power establishment (Led by Rafael Medoff, Yeshiva University) 
  • February The Netanyahus and Revisionist Zionism in America (Led by Avi Shilon,  New York University & Tel Hai College) 
  • March American Jews and Political Power, Meir Kahane (Led by Brian Horowitz, Tulane, and Andrew Koss, Mosaic     


    There is room for four individuals to join the working group. To apply please send an application to Due date is Nov. 4, 2022. 

     In the application, please list your name, address, telephone, a one paragraph explanation of why you would like to participate in this seminar, and two potential recommenders. Please add a curriculum vitae.  
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