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Call for Papers
March 21, 2018
United Kingdom
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Area Studies, Humanities, Intellectual History, Latin American and Caribbean History / Studies, World History / Studies

This one-day international symposium will address the global dimensions of Latin American Studies, past, present and future. Confident that the field cannot be properly understood merely as a product of the Cold War, this symposium will take the long, global view of the field. Serious and voluminous scholarly research on the region began in earnest in the sixteenth century, and it peeked again in the eighteenth century, when thousands of books and hundreds of thousands of manuscripts were produced about all aspects of the region.  Scholarly production continued apace in the nineteenth century, and was finally institutionalized in many locales in the Americas and Europe in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. More recently, Latin American Studies centres proper begin to emerge in the 1920s and 1930s, followed by a strong and concerted push to fund and establish centres in the 1960s.  Confirmed speakers include Priti Singh (Jawaharlal Nehru University, India), Chizuru Ushida (Nanjan University, Japan), Elisabeth Mayer (Australian National University), Mercedes Prieto (FLACSO, Ecuador), Guillermo Zermeño (COLMEX, Mexico), Carmen Diana Deere (University of Florida), Leoncio López-Ocón (CSIC, Madrid), Barbara Göbel (IAI, Berlin), David Lehmann (Cambridge), Paulo Drinot (UCL).

Papers that examine any of the following are welcome:

·       Imperial, National and Global Dimensions of Latin American Studies

·       Formation of Collections on Latin America

·       Comparative and Connective Analysis of National Traditions

·       Biographies of Scholars, Associations, Institutes, and Publications

·       Networks and Circulations of Latin Americanist Knowledge

·       Formation of Curricula and Training of Specialists

·       Case Studies of Application of Latin American Studies Expertise

Please submit in a 100-word abstract and 1-page CV by January 31, 2018 to José Guevara at  Informal inquiries may be addressed to Professor Mark Thurner at

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