Call for Short Manuscripts Documenting Projects in Digital Humanities

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Call for Publications
July 1, 2016
British Columbia, Canada
Subject Fields: 
Digital Humanities, Childhood and Education

4th Foundation Press is seeking short manuscripts documenting projects in digital humanities for late teen and young adult audiences. Our publications are for an audience of K-12 learners, including university bridge, as new so-called ‘coding curricula’ are beginning to be rolled out internationally.

With this call we are seeking projects in the digital humanities that may attract students to interdisciplinary work in humanities and various technology fields (e.g. computer science or information design) as they make decisions about their college or university programs. 

These short books will walk young students through the complete creative, systems and design process of a particular project. This project may be a completed artwork, web application, site template, prototype, or a modified version of any kind of new media work that has been reformulated as pedagogical material for young reader-makers.

Each MS should also include figures, images, diagrams, discussion of process, any needed work files and complete technical documentation including code that can be downloaded from a companion website. We are open as to the specific media covered (e.g. audiovisual, 3D virtual worlds, games, physical computing, websites, etc.).

If needed, you can work with instructional designers and editors on our team to refine the presentation of your offering. In terms of scope, your MS can cover anything ranging from a weekend workshop to summer school intensive.

4th Foundation Press will publish both in print and electronically. As a publishing genre we are looking for a hybrid of primer, cookbook, tutorial, textbook, chapbook, pamphlet & manual (for definitions of these terms, see

Send an initial note of interest with the subject heading “publishing query” to and let us know what you would be interested in publishing about, and include your CV as a pdf attachment.

Contact Info: 

Michael Filimowicz, School of Interactive Arts + Technology (SIAT). Simon Fraser University Surrey 250 -13450 102 Avenue Surrey, BC V3T 0A3 CANADA
+1 778-836-0112