Call for Papers - International Conference: Decentering Art and Design History: Research, Practice and Education

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Call for Papers
June 15, 2023 to June 17, 2023
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Art, Art History & Visual Studies

Date: 15 - 17 June 2023
Venue: University of Nicosia, Cyprus
This conference, organised by the Art and Design Research Lab of the Department of Design and Multimedia at the University of Nicosia, considers the development of art and design history in the Mediterranean region during the twentieth century. It focuses on how colonialism, postcolonialism, conflicting nationalist ideologies and western discourses of modernity have shaped: a) the development of historiography, b) the methodological and interpretative approaches, including artistic and curatorial, through which history has been written and c) the narrative forms that have been adopted for its articulation.
Taking into account the example of Cyprus where we are situated, we are interested in how art and design historical knowledge is produced in places that experienced colonialism or acted as colonial powers and where cultural identities were shaped through the perspective of the West. Our main question concentrates on whether we can re-imagine the ways of writing the history of art and design in places ridden by conflicts and cultural clashes, such as the Eastern Mediterranean. How can we adopt a critical approach to Eurocentric thought? Is it even possible to displace the West from its privileged centrality, interrogate its validating institutions and write through a lens where local and inherent characteristics of narrating the history of art and design are appreciated?
The working language of the conference is English. We welcome proposals for papers and panels of three papers from academics, researchers, practitioners, and postgraduate students.
Please submit your abstract (max 300 words) and a short bio by the 15th of January 2023 by following the link:

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Niki Sioki, Associate Professor, Design and Mutlimedia Department, University of Nicosia, Cyprus

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