Request for Proposals and Fellowship Applications

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Connecticut, United States
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Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, Communication, Psychology

With the generous support of the John Templeton Foundation, and subject to a final grant agreement, the University of Connecticut’s Humanities Institute announces a funding proposal competition of $2 million to support interdisciplinary research projects on intellectual humility and its role in promoting meaningful public discourse. The deadline for letters of intent is May 1st 2016. Full details can be found at:

Topical areas of focus include both the barriers that prevent people from engaging in open-minded, intellectually humble dialogue over culturally divisive issues and scalable models or other interventions that may be effective or ineffective in promoting more reason-based, intellectually humble dialogue.

In addition, applications are being accepted for both residential and non-residential fellowships for work relevant to the project’s aims. The deadline for residential fellowship applications is April 15th 2016; non-residential fellowship applications will be considered on a rolling basis. Full details can be found at:

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