Conference on "Language in the Classroom" - "Sprache im Unterricht", Cologne, Germany

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February 7, 2018
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Childhood and Education, Humanities, Languages, Linguistics, Teaching and Learning

Language has a special role in the classroom. It is the medium in which the learning content is constructed, discussed and negotiated, as well as the subject of learning itself. 

Considering that we live in a society which is culturally, socially, and linguistically heterogeneous, various challenges arise for inclusive education. In the classroom, different languages and language proficiencies collide, both between individual students and between learners and teachers. Concepts such as Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), multilingual education, language-sensitive teaching, performative approaches to teaching and learning, etc. try to react to that.

For university teacher training, questions such as the following become more relevant:

How do content and language learning interact?
How can future teachers be prepared for (language) heterogeneity in the classroom?
Bilingual teaching and inclusion - (how) can this gap be closed?
Which synergy effects arise from the interaction of different languages?

The conference will address these and other questions.

***Keynote lectures by Catherine Snow (Harvard Graduate School of Education) and Daniela Elsner (University of Frankfurt/Main).***

***The main conference language will be German.***


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