Understanding China in Contemporary Times

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Call for Papers
February 15, 2016
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Asian History / Studies, Area Studies, Diplomacy and International Relations, East Asian History / Studies, Contemporary History

This is an open call to seek papers for an edited volume Understanding China in Contemporary Times, focusing mainly on the changes after 1980s. This edited volume seeks to give an overall understanding on various topics and examine the changes over the years. The broad sub-themes are (but not limited to):

1.History and Development of China

2.Government and Political parties of China

3.China’s Foreign Policy and Foreign Relations

4.Economy of China

5.Agriculture and Rural Issues of China

6.Language and Dialects, Art & Literature and Literary figures of China

7.Internal and External Security

8.Chinese Society (structure, status of women, etc.)

9.Rural-to-urban Migration and trans-border migration

10.Education in China

11.Science and Technology

12.Ethnicity and Regional Politics

13.Debates of Hukou Reform in China

14.Debates on One Child Policy

15.Energy Resources and related debates

16.Human Rights and Legal System of China

17.Chinese official media and social media

18.Youth in China

19.Environmental issues and issues of natural Disaster

20.Internet in China

The complete chapter has to be submitted before April 25, 2016 and the length of the paper should not exceed 8000 words. Please use citations and endnotes.

Those interested, please send your abstract (not more than 300 words), and brief bio by February 15, 2016 to Dr. Geeta Kochhar, email:geeta@jnu.ac.in

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