Online Lecture prof. Rosenwein on Love (3 October 2022)

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October 3, 2022
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Dear colleagues, 

I am pleased to announce that next Monday 3 October 2022 Professor Barbara Rosenwein will give an online lecture about the history of love and a new approach to the history of emotions. All are welcome to join. 

Love: A New Approach in the History of Emotions

Lecture by Professor Barbara Rosenwein (Loyola University Chicago), organized by the Radboud Institute for Culture and History (Radboud University, the Netherlands).  

Professor Rosenwein about the lecture:

The many excellent approaches to the history of emotions—emotionology, emotional regimes, emotional communities, emotional practices of the body—are extremely useful for looking at emotions at particular moments in time. But my study of the history of love led me to add another approach: to analyze the narratives that inform the emotion. Emotions are not simple: they are experiences, yes, but they are also communications (performatives), moral judgements, implied expectations, and many other things. The same “named” emotion is understood in different ways depending on the narrative that organizes it and gives it meaning. Because of the complexity of these narratives, I prefer to call them fantasies, which also emphasizes their shape-shifting potential.

Practical information:

The lecture will take place on Monday 3 October, at 4 pm (CEST) on campus, but can also be followed online. Attendance is free. Registration is required. (The zoom link will be sent via email to those registered on the day before the event)

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About Professor Rosenwein 

Barbara H. Rosenwein (Ph.D. (1974), B.A. (1966), University of Chicago) is Professor Emerita at Loyola University Chicago. She is an internationally renowned expert in European medieval history and the history of emotions, and has published a number of influential works. In 2010, she published Emotional Communities in the Early Middle Ages. Her most recent books include Anger: the History of a Conflicted Emotion (Yale University Press 2020) and Love: a History in Five Fantasies (Polity Press 2021).

Since 2009, Rosenwein has been an affiliated research scholar at the Centre for the History of the Emotions at Queen Mary University in London. She was a scholar in residence at the American Academy in Rome in 2001-2002 and was elected Fellow of the Medieval Academy of America in 2003. Rosenwein has lectured throughout the world, including France, The Netherlands, Great Britain, Spain, Germany, Israel, Sweden, Taiwan, Australia, Italy, and Iceland. She retired from teaching as Professor Emerita in 2015 but continues to write and research.

Throughout October 2022, she will be a visiting fellow at the Radboud Institute for History and Culture.


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