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The NC State Graduate Journal of History is an annual peer-reviewed, electronic publication edited by the History Graduate Student Association at North Carolina State University. The Graduate is dedicated to publishing original, historical research by graduate students at North Carolina State University and from other degree-granting institutions.


The forthcoming edition of The Graduate seeks to include a selection of scholarly reviews of projects across historical fields. In addition to traditional book reviews, The Graduate is also accepting reviews of digital humanities and public history projects. Submissions are open to any student enrolled in a graduate program. Reviewers must have a background in a discipline that concerns some aspect of historical scholarship and is related to the topic under review.


Reviews should contain the following criteria:

Book: Books for review must have been published within the last three (3) years. The review should present a synopsis of the book, evaluate its methodological and theoretical approaches, and position the work within the discipline. The review should have the following introductory heading: [Title] by [Author]. City: Publisher, Year, Pages, Cost.


Public History Projects: Public history reviews may include museum exhibits, living history performances or demonstrations, tours, or historic sites and must be current within the last two (2) years. Reviews should be analytical in nature and include a synopsis of the exhibit or event, an identification of the targeted audience, and an evaluation of the content, themes, interpretation, layout/design, and effectiveness. Reviewers should contact the host institution to gather pertinent information for a fair review. If an exhibit has accompanying materials or components, in print or online, they should be considered as well. Reviewers may submit accompanying images in PDF format with appropriate captions and credit lines. If images are from a source other than the author’s camera, written permission for use of the image must accompany their submission. The review should have the following introductory heading: Title of exhibit, curator/consultant, sponsor/museum, date(s) of display, date reviewed, and any additional information to give appropriate credit to those involved.


Digital Projects: Digital project reviews may include online exhibits, archival collections, teaching resources, tools, online publications (essays, journals, webzines), gateway sites to other web-based materials, or other scholarly projects accessible via the web. The project must have been updated within the past three (3) years. Reviews should be analytical in nature and should provide a synopsis of the project as well as an analysis of the project’s content, originality, organization, effective use of the medium, ease of navigation, and presentation on the web. Additionally, reviews should include an identification of the targeted audience, an examination of the project’s usefulness for the intended audience, and an analysis of the types of materials used and their interpretation if applicable. Digital projects are diverse and reviewers should evaluate the project keeping in mind the purpose, audience, and intended use. The review should have the following introductory heading: Project title, name of creator/designer, host institution, URL information, review date(s).


All reviews should be 750-1,000 words in length and should be original, clear, and concisely written. Reviews should also end with the reviewer’s name and institutional affiliation on two separate lines. Submissions are to be formatted in Microsoft Word with one-inch margins, typed in 12 pt. Times New Roman font, and double spaced. Please use footnote citation and follow the formatting guidelines in the latest edition of The Chicago Manual of Style.


Email submissions to The Graduate’s review editor Lisa Withers at by Friday, March 18, 2016. Please submit your review in one Microsoft Word document using the following filename format: Reviewer’s Last Name. Review of (Name). (Book/Public History/Digital) Review. NCSU Journal 2016. Please submit your resume/CV in a separate PDF document using the following filename format: Last Name. First Name. CV. NCSU Journal 2016.


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Lisa Withers, Reviews Editor for The NC State Graduate Journal of History and doctoral student at North Carolina State University 

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