Education without Schools

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Call for Papers
November 30, 2022
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Childhood and Education, Anthropology, Area Studies, Social Sciences, Sociology

Global Educator is now inviting papers for our forthcoming Vol. 3. Issue 2, 2022 edition focusing on the theme of “Education without Schools”, which is scheduled to be published December 2022. Last date of Submission will be 30 November 2022.

There are many ways in which education and schooling is conducted. While we all know about formal or classroom schooling, non-formal education is also crucial especially for those children who, for various reasons, cannot attend schools regularly. Pavement “schools”, classes conducted at parent’s workplaces, outdoor village schools etc. are just a few of the many innovative and alternative ways for children to learn. Schooling and training for older youth and adults, who have previously been denied a formal education, also provides significant social outcomes in terms of improved income generating capacity, access to various employment pathways once previously closed off, and improved empowerment, self-esteem and status within their communities. We welcome submissions that provide examples of such alternative “non” schools and various other training and education programs, and encourage contributions that present and analyze the usefulness and effectiveness of non-formal education.

The Editors invite submissions of Feature Articles around 2000- 6000 words, Reflections from the Field (1000 words), Squaring the Circle focusing on a topical issue (500- 1000 words), Reviews (500-1000 words) and Controversy Corner, (just as it sounds 500- 1000 words). Contributors should refer to the referencing guide and article template available on the journal website

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