SHAKESPEARE AND CERVANTES: 1616‒2016 - Special issue of "Meridian critic"

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Call for Publications
June 1, 2016
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Early Modern History and Period Studies, Literature, Cultural History / Studies, Popular Culture Studies, Theatre & Performance History / Studies

As 2016 marks the fourth centennial of the death of William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes, the academic journal Meridian critic (Meridian of Criticism) invites contributions which celebrate their global cultural legacy. Submissions might address any related issues including, but certainly not limited to, the following:

  • The myth of authorship: Cervantes’s fictitious authorship (Mata, 2008) and the Shakespeare authorship question (Bradbeer and Casson, 2015)
  • Shakespeare’s and Cervantes’s role in the genealogy of modern ideas regarding love and friendship (Donskis, 2008) as well as in the humanist educational revolution;
  • The two writers’ concerns overlapping with our understanding of Green politics (Egan, 2006);
  • Imitating and imitated: Shakespeare, Cervantes, and the dynamics of literary influence;
  • Servants’ resistance (Shin, 2010) in Shakespeare’s and Cervantes’ works as a literary solution to the narrative and ideological problem of ineffectual or tyrannical authority;
  • Popular historical and political appropriations of Shakespeare and Cervantes as part of wider popular culture practices of re-imagining the Renaissance  (Semenza, 2010);
  • Shakespeare, Cervantes, and the problem of adaptation: the wide variety of guises under which their work circulates;
  • Shakespeare’s wife (Greer, 2008), Cervantes’s daughter, and the ‘problematic’ woman (Gay, 1994) in their life and works;
  • The roots of political theory and the discourse of politics in the writings of Shakespeare and Cervantes (Cascardi, 2012).

Deadline for article submission: 1 June 2016. We welcome papers in English, Spanish, French, German, and Romanian. Please send the abstracts (ca 200 words), the full paper (up to 7000 words), as well as a brief biographical note (ca 400 words) to the following addresses: 

For details regarding style, please visit the following page: 

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