Memory, Trauma and Recovery - 5th International Interdisciplinary Memory Conference in Gdańsk, Poland

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June 16, 2016 to June 17, 2016
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Holocaust, Genocide, and Memory Studies, Literature, Psychology, Sociology, Film and Film History

We would like to concentrate on the phenomena of trauma and recovery, to look at how memory is involved in the traumatic experience and the recovery process and explore among other questions what we remember and forget, what causes suffering and how to deal with it. We are interested in all aspects of traumatic experiences, in their individual and collective dimensions, in the past and in the present-day world. We would like to examine the role of memory in both falling into trauma and overcoming it. Thus, we want to describe the phenomena of trauma and recovery in their multifarious manifestations: psychological, social, historical, cultural, philosophical, religious, economic, political, and many others.

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Prof. Wojciech Owczarski, University of Gdansk

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