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Call for Publications
March 1, 2016
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Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Middle East History / Studies
This is a call for submissions slated to be published as a book on Shakir Ali,to mark his 100th  birth anniversary by UCA Publications.
The need for this publication is derived from the limited scholarship on one of the most eminent artists of Pakistan who along with some  other modernists, laid the foundation of the Modern Art movement in Pakistan. 
In the context of decolonization and modernization of Indian Art after the partition of the Sub continent in 1947, Shakir Ali’s insight on art, his contributions as a painter and as an educationist, merit a commemorative volume.
The objective is to produce a collection of scholarly writings on the artist while analyzing various paintings that reflect his thoughts on art, education, society and culture of that era and the area that he belonged to, thus generating new discourses on Shakir Ali’s work in particular and on Pakistani art in general.
Finally, the book is expected to be an anthology of critical essays focusing mainly on Shakir Ali’s artworks but giving a detailed analysis on who Shakir Ali was, why and what he painted and how he became what he is today –an icon in the history of Pakistani Modern Art.  
You may select Shakir Ali’s painting of your choice and send a 300 words abstract to by March 1st, 2016.
The selected authors would be notified by 15th March, 2016.
Full Chapters will be due on 20th May, 2016.
Complete Peer Review of chapters by July 29th 2016.
Final chapters are due August 31st 2016.
Contact Info: 
Contact Info: Prof.Dr. Rahat Naveed Masud, Professor, School of Art, University of Culture and Art, Lahore, Pakistan
Sadia P Kamran, Associate Professor, School of Art, University of Culture and Art, Lahore, Pakistan