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Call for Papers
February 22, 2016
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Area Studies, History of Science, Medicine, and Technology, Women's & Gender History / Studies, World History / Studies

Call for Papers for a Prometheans (Engineers) /WITH (Women in Technological History) Joint Workshop, to be held on Sunday of the Singapore SHOT Annual Meeting, June  26, 2016

Deadline for proposals, February 22 2016:  NOTE: WITH (Women in Technological History) promotes not just a focus on women, but diversity of cultural experiences and more.

Two SHOT Special Interest Groups (SIGs) - WITH and the Prometheans -
invite people to submit abstracts for possible presentations at a
joint SIG workshop on Gender, Geographies, Engineering and Technical
Work, to be held Sunday afternoon, June 26, 2016 in Singapore. The
theme is: "Who Claims Technical Knowledge?: Gender, Geographies,
Engineering, and Technical Work." The organizers and contact people
are Amy Bix (Iowa State University, and Ann Johnson
(Cornell University,

On Sunday afternoon, June 26, 2016, as part of SHOT's annual meeting
in Singapore, two SHOT Special Interest Groups, WITH and the
Prometheans, plan to hold a unique joint workshop to focus on gender
as a dimension in the history and culture of engineering and technical
work, across different periods and geographic locations. WITH (Women
In Technological History) is the SHOT SIG that seeks to promote gender
analysis within history of technology; Prometheans are the SIG
interested in historical studies of engineering and its professional

Across history, different societies have adopted varying frameworks
for masculinity, femininity, gender, and work. From pre-industrial
societies in Asia, Europe, or elsewhere, through modernization, to
today's high-tech globalized economy, gender has always remained a
factor in engineering, in the production of goods and services, in
performance of household tasks, and in the structure of business,
government, and society. While formal rules of employment and
unwritten norms might seek to determine who could or could not claim
different types of technical knowledge, men and women often stretched,
challenged, or changed such codes.

For this workshop, we seek research papers that explore connections
between gender/women's studies and the history of technology and
engineering, all broadly defined. We invite proposals in areas
including (but not limited to):

* Studies of gender and engineering in different times and places;
histories of women engineers, of masculinity/femininity and
engineering culture, etc.;

* Studies of gender, the technical professions, and technical work in
different times and places- women, men, and employment in various
industries and businesses;

* Studies of gender and technical knowledge - how information,
expertise, and education have been linked to masculinity, femininity,
or gender across different times and places;

* Links from gender analysis to broader discussions of diversity,
engineering, and technical knowledge, across different times and

* Studies of gender and STEM (science, technology, engineering and
math) education at all levels and in all aspects, including
educational structure, teaching, pedagogy, student experience,
identity formation, etc.;

To propose a paper to be considered for this workshop, please send a
one-page abstract (in .pdf format - maximum 500 words), plus a
one-page short CV (in .pdf format) with current contact information,
to both Amy Bix ( and Ann Johnson
(  The deadline for submission is February 22,
2016. Proposals will be evaluated for inclusion based on quality of
scholarship, clarity, and relevance to workshop themes.  People are
welcome to propose a paper for the joint Prometheans/WITH Singapore
session, even if they have also already submitted a proposal for a
different paper for the main SHOT program, and will be allowed to
present both if accepted.

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Submitter:  Philip Brown,

Organizers: Amy Bix (; Ann Johnson (

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