Ecumenica Cfp: Theatre and Performance in Muslim Worlds

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Call for Papers
January 30, 2018
United States
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Theatre & Performance History / Studies, Middle East History / Studies, Religious Studies and Theology, Dance and History of Dance, Arabic History / Studies

Ecumenica invites submissions for a special issue on Theatre and Performance in Muslim Worlds to be published in Fall 2018. Claire Pamment (College of William and Mary) and Hesam Sharifian (Tufts University) will edit this special issue. Deadline for submissions is 30 January 2018.

This special issue will focus on theatre and performance in Islamic countries and cultures, and (re)presentations of Muslim bodies on stage. The issue will interrogate the multiple ways in which Muslim bodies are (re)presented on stage, in everyday life, and in the archive.

The publication’s concept of Muslim worlds includes, but is not limited to, Sunni cultures of and beyond the Middle East, Shi’a countries such as Iran, Iraq, Azerbaijan, and Bahrain (including Shi’a minorities in predominantly Sunni countries), Ibadi communities of Oman, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and East Africa, and other often-overlooked populations of the Islamic world, such as Muslim communities in China, South Asia, South East Asia, and otherwise hyphenated Muslim-identities.

Perhaps, more than ever, in this age of paranoid nationalism/s, Muslim bodies on stage (and off) have to negotiate their existences in particularly hostile public spheres, adopting such strategies as essentialism (Gayatri Spivak), anti-essentialism (George Lipsitz), and disidentification (José Esteban Muñoz). In Theatre and Performance Studies, Orientalist ‘othering’ still renders entire bodies of performance in Muslim worlds ‘absent’ or it produces a monstrous surveillance of Muslim bodies in theatres, as in everyday life. 
This special issue attempts to provide a counter to this othering. We invite scholarship that (re)presents what Muslim bodies in/ of performance entail through a broad range of regions, genres and methodologies.

Papers may address various topics related to Muslim theatre and performance, such as:
• the archival body
• borders and surveillance
• diaspora and hyphenated bodies
• performances of piety
• performances that intersect with religion, spirituality, and notions of the sacred
• transnational networks
• grass roots activism and/or protest
• cross-culturalism/ inter-culturalism/ trans-culturalism
• cross-faith dialogue
• Orientalism

We particularly welcome provocations, interjections, and interventions that investigate intersectionality of Muslim-hood with other minoritarian categories, including race, gender, and sexualities.

We welcome:

• full-length scholarly essays, and

• reviews of productions and performances. Reviews should focus on any recent performance/event and should consist of 1000-2500 words. Such performances may include, but are not limited to, theatre, dance, music, performance art, installations, acts of worship, as well as other performance phenomena that relate to the themes of the special issue. In the case of performance reviews, please first contact the editors in advance with details of the performance/event you propose to review.

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