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Call for Publications
February 15, 2018
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Film and Film History, Literature, Philosophy, Cultural History / Studies


Call for Papers for an Edited Collection


Vulnerability poses interesting political and ethical questions: it hovers between the negative (being susceptible to harm & being assigned positions of harm) and the positive (re-translating the negative into conditions able to yield positive outcomes such as solidarity and various forms bonding). While attuned to this doubleness, this collection seeks to move beyond the polarized meanings of vulnerability and probe into the myriad of its manifestations that cannot be readily reduced to a good/bad dichotomy. The disparate meanings and possible readings of vulnerability open up a richly critical horizon in which to ask about the collective and individual bodies of vulnerability and the collective and individual lives it, variously, fosters, mars, brings into being or organizes into political and ethical communities and alliances.

We are interested in paper proposals which theorise the notion or lived reality (or both) of vulnerability and do so from within either of the two, broadly demarcated, fields: 1) philosophy (or related areas) and b) cultural studies (film; literature, art, culture). Please send a 500 word abstract (indicating which of the two fields you would like to fit in) by 15 February, 2018 to the following email addresses: &   

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University of Silesia, Poland

Institute of Romance Languages and Translation Studies

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