CFP: “Language Change and Boundaries in the U.S.”

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Call for Papers
January 5, 2017 to January 8, 2017
Pennsylvania, United States
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Languages, Linguistics, Literature, American History / Studies, Anthropology

The Forum on Language Change is accepting proposals on “Language Change and Boundaries in the U.S.” for the 2017 MLA in Philadelphia. We seek papers that examine how language change in the United States casts new light on the conventional boundaries between native and foreign language, first and second language, standard and non-standard language, language and dialect and/or other factors involved in linguistic division (social, political, regional, etc.).  Papers that address the theoretical and empirical relevance of ‘boundary’ in language change from interdisciplinary perspectives are especially welcome. Please send a 300-word abstract by March 7, to Craig Christy (

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Caig Christy

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