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Call for Publications
December 1, 2022
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Architecture and Architectural History, Urban Design and Planning, Urban History / Studies, Digital Humanities

The City as Screen, Site and Space

National University of Singapore


Dates: 01-03 December 2022

Abstracts: 05 October 2022

Place: Virtual



Screen-based devices have become an inexorable part of our everyday lives. They include (but are not limited to) apparatuses for cinematic entertainment, imaging, surveillance, social networking, creative expression and 3D modelling. They exist in many forms and sizes, from touchscreens on compact smart devices to building facades and infrastructure that serve as the canvas for massive media architecture projections in urban environments.

With the screen serving as the subject of discourse, we probe into its earliest developments informed by proto-cinematic forms of entertainment as they relate to the city and architecture. What is evident when exploring these optical histories is the primacy of space for the structuring of experience, and how spatial ontology is continuously redefined by milestones in screen technology development. By reflecting on historical precedents, how might this further enrich our understanding of the materiality of screen as media and the physical environments we design and inhabit?

This Conference Strand Call is interdisciplinary and seeks contributions from various fields. It also seeks to develop publications as part of the Mediated Cities book series by Intellect Books, UK.


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Simone Shu-Yeng Chung, Raj Kumar, Zdravko Trivic, Claire Short