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Quebec, Canada
Subject Fields
Public History, Research and Methodology, World History / Studies, Graduate Studies, Historic Preservation

Concordia University’s 21st Annual History in the Making conference aims to open a dialogue on various historical mediums and how they are used to institutionalize and represent our diverse past. With your contributions, HIM is looking to analyze and improve our discipline’s understanding of historiography, entrenched narratives, and the intersection between public and academic memory.

Of particular interest to this conference is a dissection of truth-telling, memory, and historical representation in both public and private spaces. In what ways do mediums and methods of academic research guide and influence history itself? As government memorials, museum curation, and published works seek to construct a specific version of our past, how does this contend with sub-altern narratives? Does your work touch on ideas of representation, challenging entrenched historical accounts, or reinterpreting an event from our collective memory? Or perhaps how the public interacts with, consumes, or even corroborates history?

The HIM Conference’s Organizing Committee invites graduate students from all disciplines to submit proposals. Les communications en français sont également encouragées.

Suggested paper topics include:

Subaltern History                                                                                                  
Ways of Representing History
War and Peace
Gender, Sexuality, and Ethnicity
Transnationalism and Empire
Challenging Historical Narratives
Public History and Monuments

Place, Space, and Memory
Media & Popular Culture
Scientific and Environmental History
Family and Legacy
The Impact of Myth and Memory
Law and Society
Genocide, Ethics, and Morals

You are invited to submit a 250-word proposal, as well as a short biographical statement describing your work and research interests to the following email address: him.conference.concordia@gmail.com

The deadline for submission is Friday, February 5th 2016.
Successful applicants will be contacted by Friday, February 12th 2016. All presenters will also have the opportunity of submitting their conference papers for publication in the History in the Making Review

Contact Information

HIM Conference Commitee-- him.conference.concordia@gmail.com

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