CFA: The Henry Luce Foundation/ACLS Early Career Fellowships in China Studies

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November 2, 2022
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Asian History / Studies, Chinese History / Studies, East Asian History / Studies

The Henry Luce Foundation/ACLS 
Early Career Fellowships in China Studies

Now Accepting Applications 
For the 2022-23 Fellowship Competition  

The American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) invites scholars seeking funds for research and writing to apply for Luce/ACLS Early Career Fellowships in China Studies.

The Luce/ACLS Program in China Studies aims to promote and sustain excellence in research on China, to encourage the publication of new knowledge, and to inform curriculum design and development, with a special emphasis on early career scholars and the strengthening of scholarly networks within China Studies.

In 2022-23, ACLS is offering two types of fellowships to support research, writing, and curriculum development: flexible, short-term fellowships and long-term research fellowships. A Summer Institute for Fellows will be held in summer 2023.

Fellowships are financially supported by the Henry Luce Foundation.


Flexible research fellowships will enable recent PhDs (without tenure and within eight years of the PhD), and with heavy teaching and service responsibilities, to carry out research and writing towards a scholarly text. These flexible, short-term awards may be used for access to online archives, travel, conference participation, childcare or other familial responsibilities, as well as other needs identified in the application essay. Award amount: $15,000 calculated as $5,000 per month for three months’ work accomplished over a twelve-month period. Short-term fellowships do not require leave from university responsibilities, and do not require the three months to run consecutively.


Long-term research fellowships will enable recent PhDs (without tenure and within eight years of the PhD) to take leaves from university responsibilities for four to nine months to carry out research and writing towards a scholarly text. During the fellowship tenure, which must consist of consecutive semesters or quarters, fellows must be on leave from teaching and service. Award amount: Minimum $20,000, maximum $45,000 calculated as $5,000 per month for four to nine months’ work accomplished full time, i.e., with leave from all university responsibilities. 

Application deadline: November 2, 2022 9pm Eastern Time


  • Applicants must be recent PhDs (within eight years of receiving the degree), pre-tenure, who intend to pursue careers in the US or Canada.
  • Applicants must have a working knowledge of Chinese.
  • Projects must employ humanistic approaches and methods.

Luce/ACLS Early Career Fellowships promote inclusion, equity, and diversity as integral components of merit that enhance the scholarly enterprise. It is a priority that every cohort of Fellows and grantees is broadly inclusive of different backgrounds and cultures. In China studies we seek balance in regard to national origin, educational background, and current university affiliation, as well as in disciplinary approaches, topics, and historical periods studied.

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