CFP: Flex or tenure? Comparative development of flexible work, 1950s-present (Deadline 15 Sep)

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Call for Papers
September 15, 2023
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Labor History / Studies, Political History / Studies, Economic History / Studies, Sociology

Call for papers

Flex or tenure? Comparative development of flexible work, 1950s-present

How can we explain the shift toward flexible work in advanced market economies? Globalization, computerization, and digitalization have profoundly affected the labor markets of economies over the last fifty years. As a result, we observe a common trend across capitalist societies: increasing labor market flexibility. At the same time, vast differences in the use of flexible work arrangements between these countries persist, such as the relative prominence of temporary employment in Spain and own-account work in Greece. The divergences suggest that country-specific factors play a major role. Some differences have deep historical roots, while others are based on how countries have channeled new pressures for flexibility into their labor markets. This conference aims to attain a deeper understanding of the reasons for these dissimilarities.

We are looking for papers based on one or a few countries that analyze labor markets over time. We hope to compare the development of different countries at the conference. Why have employers (increasingly) implemented specific types of work arrangements (e.g., agency work, part-time employment, temporary labor contracts, own-account work, on-call contracts)? How have regulators – government representatives, employers' associations, and trade unions – affected the development of flexible work? After the conference, we intend to publish a selection of the conference papers in an academic journal or edited volume. Accommodation in Amsterdam is provided for speakers at the conference, while we can reimburse travel costs when not funded by the speaker's institution.

(Prof. dr.) Lex Heerma van Voss International Institute of Social History
(Dr.) Jeroen Touwen Leiden University
(MA) Jeroen van Veldhoven Utrecht University / Huygens Institute

The conference takes place on 12-13 May 2023 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Proposals should be a maximum of 350 words and should be sent with a short biographical note to by 15 September 2022. We will try to respond to these proposals before the end of September 2022. If accepted, the deadline for the conference paper is 15 April 2023.