The Global Rise of Religious Nationalism

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July 31, 2022 to July 31, 2023
Delaware, United States
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Area Studies, Diplomacy and International Relations, Nationalism History / Studies, Political Science, South Asian History / Studies


The Global Rise of Religious Nationalism

This Khanversation explores the nature of nationalism and the rise of religious nationalism in the USA, Israel, India and Pakistan.

Topics Covered: 00:00 Marjorie Taylor Greene a Christian Nationalist
01:20 Nationalism and its Types
06:41 Three Types of Nationalism in South Asia
09:15 The Four Traditions of Nationalism
13:45 Religious Nationalism
14:30 The Twins: Israel and Pakistan
16:23 The Democracies: India and the US
21:00 Conclusion

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Dr. Muqtedar Khan
University of Delaware


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