Revaluating the School of Salamanca in Transatlantic and Global perspective

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Call for Papers
February 1, 2023
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Atlantic History / Studies, Latin American and Caribbean History / Studies, Philosophy, Religious Studies and Theology, Spanish and Portuguese History / Studies

The Society for Lascasian Studies, in collaboration with Estudios Filosoficos, invites submission of papers for a collaborative special journal edition, “Revaluating the School of Salamanca in Transatlantic and Global perspective.” As Iberia’s overseas jurisdictions and economic activities expanded, the web of complex interactions forged through the many centuries of reconquista required radical reinvention. The novelty of the encounter with new peoples and unknown lands challenged jurists, economists, natural scientists, theologians, philosophers, poets, writers, artists, architects, artists, linguists, architects, musicians, and historians to reformulate various traditions in creative and unexpected ways.

The School of Salamanca Project out of the Goethe University of Frankfurt has recently brought a new textual basis and reflection upon this uniquely fertile constellation of actors. Other recent collections have included the Salamancan school in treatments of the law of nations, time, and economic liberty, among others. We hope that this special collaborative edition will continue these important explorations and add to our understanding of this intellectual movement.

We welcome reevaluations of the established themes of sovereignty and jurisdiction, such as explored by Francisco de Vitoria's De Indis, as well as hope for papers that seek to capture the breadth of foment engendered by the encounter between previously mutually-unknown worlds. Possible topics include but are not limited to: ius gentium, the nature of the state, political and social communities, humanism, price and usury, economic doctrine, free trade, religious reform, indigenous self-understanding and fashioning, literary and artistic expressions, Thomas Aquinas, late scholasticism, scientific knowledge, etc.

We especially appreciate papers that touch upon the life, labor, and legacy of Bartolomé de Las Casas as well as the Dominican intellectual milieu that shaped his multilayered Indian advocacy.

Please submit papers in accordance with the Estudios Filosóficos guidelines to, with "Estudios Filosoficos" as the subject line. Exceptionally for this issue, English contributions will also be accepted. The deadline is February 1, 2022.

Contact Info: 

David Orique, Providence College

Rady Roldan-Figueroa, Boston University

Andrew Wilson, Japan Lutheran College