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October 31, 2022
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Religious Studies and Theology

On July 11, 2022, Practical Theology Hub officially launched.

The website is a space for anyone with an interest in practical theology to share their reflections and explore new ideas. The discipline of practical theology explores the dialogue that takes place between experience and belief and unites the social and physical sciences and the arts with theology in a conversation about experience and meaning making. 

An initiative of BIAPT (British and Irish Association for Practical Theology) PTH aims to make this conversation as inclusive and as broad as possible. All who have an interest in theology, wherever they are based in the world, whether they are academics, practitioners or students are welcome participants in this conversation, as are people from all or any tradition, faith and religion. Through hospitality and conversation PTH is forming a community without boundaries, a community drawn together by a commitment to theological reflection.

PTH is not only an academic website but also seeks to take the latest thinking within the field of practical theology and disseminate it as widely as possible. Recognising the possibility of mutual instruction PTH publishes articles by practitioners as well as academics and from students as well as from retirees. These articles will also reflect the vast breadth of subjects that is characteristic of practical theology resulting in a diversity of published material that represents the varied backgrounds and interests of the community.

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