Video Presentation on New Book explains how our viral DNA is the ticket for Evolution

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January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016
Michigan, United States
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Ancient History, Humanities, Intellectual History, Literature, Social Sciences

On September 29, 2015 at the University Center Gaylord in Michigan, Judy Kay King, M.A. introduced her nonfiction book entitled Balls of Fire: a Science of Life and Death (see or for videotaped presentation). The study presents evidence that our behavior is based on underlying physical and chemical principles inherited from our microbial ancestors, and it continues King’s research program based on The Isis Thesis (2004), a study of ancient Egyptian texts, and 12 peer-reviewed journal articles (2005-2013). Examining human history through the dual lens of contemporary science and human behavior, the study shows that human beings have the potential for evolution at death. Élite historical rulers have consistently veiled this evolutionary knowledge from humanity. However, our behavior has stamped an evolutionary viral footprint on the last 12,000 years of human history, showing that our microbial DNA is ordering our society space.

Fortunately, the pharaonic priesthood invented their ball-throwing rite or the game of baseball to express scientific knowledge, so Balls of Fire uses the same model to convey the relentless evolutionary message present in ancient Egypt and human history. For the creation of the baseball model, a fantasy-draft selection of two teams frames the historical power/knowledge grid, as well as the scientific argument for and against the Isis Thesis. Using this adversarial system, the reader determines the truth of the case through a transdisciplinary quest that prioritizes scientific research.

As the video explains, Balls of Fire exposes the hidden survival agenda in baseball, ancient cultures, alchemy, literary texts, Christianity, world visions, our sciences, and history itself. The videotaped presentation also explains how the same evolutionary message is present in the psychedelic rock music of Woodstock 1969.

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