Looking for panelists interested in state sponsored/encouraged/coerced resettlement for American Studies Association Conference in Denver in November 2016

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February 1, 2016
Colorado, United States
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American History / Studies

Hello! My name is Karen Miller and I am looking for panelists interested in state sponsored/encouraged/coerced resettlement to present at the American Studies Association conference which will be held in Denver in November 2016. 


Here is a description of the panel I would like to convene: 

This panel will bring together scholars who are interested in state sponsored resettlement programs either in the United States or in/through American-held territories, colonies, or postcolonies. Papers would examine forced, coerced, or voluntary migrations and/or explore resettlement programs’ intentions and/or consequences, examine participants’ experiences, explore how these programs may have reshaped new landscapes, been inspired by or affected religious practices and identities, been designed to refocus dissent, etc. If you are interested, please contact me. Once we collect the papers, we can come up with a more focused theme that marries them together.


I am working on a project about US sponsored and supported "homesteading" projects in the Philippines between 1902 and 1960. These programs were efforts to move Christians, first Americans and then Filipinos, to non-Christian areas in the islands in order to both Christianize those regions and in order to manage populations deemed surplus, disruptive, excess, problematic, etc. in densely populated areas. 

If you are interested or know someone else who may be, please let me know. My email is kayrenee@gmail.com. The proposals are due on Feb. 1st, so I would have to get your abstract and bio by Jan. 25th at the latest.


Thank you!

Karen Miller

Professor, LaGuardia Community College, and Graduate Center, CUNY

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