CfP: “Science, Technology, the Environment, Engineering, and Medicine” (Russia’s Great War & Revolution, 1914-1922)

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History of Science, Medicine, and Technology, Russian or Soviet History / Studies
Russia's Great War and Revolution, 1914-1922 (RGWR) is a decade-long, international, multidisciplinary effort generating new scholarly research focusing on Eurasia's "continuum of crisis" at the dawn of the twentieth century. The project's core participants comprise an international group of more than forty distinguished scholars. Since 2008 RGWR editors have been recruiting and selecting essays from scholars, academics, and exceptional graduate students from around the globe for publication and dissemination in a series of edited volumes being produced by Slavica Publishers.
To date, the two volumes addressing "Culture" and "The Empire and Nationalism at War” and the first book of the third volume “Home Front” have been published. Three additional “Home Front” books will appear by mid-2106.
RGWR Project Team members are interested in producing a stand-alone volume on "Science, Technology, the Environment, Engineering, and Medicine" (STEEM) and seek to identify individuals willing to contribute an original essay to the collection. Essays may involve any aspect of the history/culture of STEEM (broadly construed) across Russia and Eurasia between c. 1914-1922. 
Younger scholars, including recent ABDs, are particularly encouraged to participate. Non-native English-speaking colleagues are welcome to submit their essays in their native language. 
Deadline for the delivery of initial essay drafts is: 1 February 2017. Following the process of peer-review, revision, and editing the final volume is expected to appear by November 2018. 
For more information about the project, please visit the RGWR website at: 
Those interested in participating the project should contact Dr. Scott W. Palmer at the address appearing below 


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Russia's Great War & Revolution

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