Indian and Greek Medicine: Engagements in history

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August 15, 2022
Ohio, United States
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Cultural History / Studies, History of Science, Medicine, and Technology, Humanities, Social History / Studies, South Asian History / Studies

Almost all world’s ancient civilizations developed their own system of medicine in response to diseases which thrived successfully over several thousands of years, despite various political upheavals, encounters with new rulers and their ideologies, and engagements with vastly different epistemologies. The proposed volume focusses on two of the most widely known ancient medical systems- Indian medicine (Ayurveda) and Greek medicine. While both emerged as profound epistemologies, they have had a similar, and an important medical trajectory in terms of their development as a profession and in engaging medical thoughts and practices. The dynamic of engagements and encounters led to the establishment of Unani (Greco-Arab) medicine in India which not only set in new ideas and ideologies but also opened a new chapter in new undersatndings of medical engagements in a society with different culture and philosophy. It also depicted an impressive and unique history of acceptance and an amicable co-existence in a vastly different worldview, yet a noticeable response from medical practitioners and the people. The proposed volume aims to understand three aspects in the development of medicine as well as locating them in a socio-cultural context. One, defining the culture context of Indian and Greek medicine; two, medical thought, and practice in the colonial context in India and three, achievements of and interactions between the two with the emergence of Unani medicine and its roots in Greek medicine. 

Chapter contributions are invited on the following themes, but not limited to these:

  • Origins and historical connections
  • Historical developments of Development of Greek medicine
  • Physicians
  • Materia medica, Surgery/medical practice, medical thought in ancient Greece and India
  • Medical knowledge/education
  • Principles and contributions in history
  • Women physicians
  • Consumers and clientele
  • Impact on India/rise of Unani medicine- Culture and Philosophy
  • Religion and/in medicine
  • Medical texts and interpretative thoughts

This volume is edited by Poonam Bala (Cleveland State University).

Abstracts of 250 words and a brief resume, due by 15 August 2022 

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