Call for Papers for XX World Sociology Congress for session "Precarity and Political Economy of Labor", Melbourne

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September 30, 2022
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Anthropology, Political Science, Social Sciences, Sociology, Labor History / Studies

Event: XX ISA World Sociology Congress

Event  Dates: June 25-July1 2023

Deadline for Submission of Abstracts: Sep 30, 2022

Host Committee: RC02 Economy and Society

Session Organizer: Sandeepan Tripathy, National University of Singapore.

Session Organizer Profile:

What does it mean to understand a crisis? Sociologists must take note of this question to bolster their position in analyzing contemporary vulnerabilities. The concept of ‘precarity’ is heuristic sociologists have not dealt with appropriately. Two strands, however, remain dominant in sociological literature in understanding precarity. First is labor precarity, wherein everyday insecurities emanate from casualization of employment and informalization of employment contracts. The second concerns the precariat as a social class, distinct in the 21st century. This session aims to go beyond these two strands and looks at precarity more broadly. It questions the extant understanding of precarity as a debilitating force that paralyzes any form of human agency and leaves actors to structural constraints. Taking the political economy of labor as its point of departure, the session invites papers examining how precarity provides agency in reworking political economy. The focus is to tilt our lens to an agentic approach, albeit skewed, in knowing how people perceive possibilities, capacities, and potentialities despite precarity. The session invites research on social processes and actions that occur ‘despite precarity.’ Central to this thinking is understanding how labor not only organizes but disorganizes, not produces but lags, not becomes efficient but lazy. The session welcomes papers across the globe to create a robust dialogue in understanding novel possibilities through precarity and labor. Papers are invited for an oral presentation of 20mins.

For any queries, please email and do look up the conference guidelines for abstract format. Sandeepan is a part of the ISA, RC02 Economy and Society. He is the session organizer of the current CFP.

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