Postdoctoral program in “Computer Sciences and Engineering, CSE” and “Life and Natural Sciences in a Post-crisis Period”

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This postdoctoral program in “Computer Sciences and Engineering, CSE” and “Life and Natural Sciences in a Post-crisis Period” is organized by the European Scientific Institute, ESI, in cooperation with its partner universities. It hosts PhD holders who are interested in upgrading their academic careers by working on a specific research topic in a multidisciplinary environment and the developing area of computer sciences and engineering; agriculture, astronomy, botany, zoology, ecology, biology, chemistry, earth sciences, mathematics, physics, medicine, and their sub-domains.

The ESI postdoctoral program will enhance the mobility of academic staff and strengthen academic cooperation through ESI Masterclasses, work under the guidance of an academic advisor, working in research groups, research visit at one of the host Universities, guest lectures, and joint publications of research articles. It will contribute to knowledge sharing and sharing of best practices among candidates, their research advisers as well as the ESI network of experts.

 Languages of the program are English and Spanish.

In times full of challenges with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the world, more than ever, needs further scientific discoveries. Every selected fellow will deal with a specific societal challenge through attending masterclasses while leaving time for guided research. The interdisciplinary cooperation of the program is provided through academic activities with researchers from different universities and academic backgrounds.

The academic output of every candidate will be published under the principles of open access and open science. The program supports the concept that scientific publications are free for usage.

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