Preternature: Seeking Submissions

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Call for Publications
December 31, 2016
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Anthropology, African History / Studies, History of Science, Medicine, and Technology, Intellectual History, Medieval and Byzantine History / Studies

“Preternature: Critical and Historical Studies on the Preternatural” an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal published biannually by Penn State Press, actively seeks submissions of articles and will consider proposals for special themed issues, subject to review from established academics and upper-year graduate students.

“Preternature” provides an interdisciplinary, inclusive forum for the study of topics that stand in the liminal space between the known world and the inexplicable across cultures and historical periods. The journal embraces a broad and dynamic definition of the preternatural that encompasses the weird and uncanny—magic, witchcraft, spiritualism, occultism, esotericism, demonology, monstrophy, and more, recognizing that the areas of magic, religion, and science are fluid and that their intersections should continue to be explored, contextualized, and challenged.

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Debbie Felton,

Classics, Univ. of Mass.