Ontario Women’s History Network Annual Conference and AGM

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Canadian History / Studies, History Education, Public History, Women's & Gender History / Studies, Historic Preservation

Ontario Women’s History Network Annual Conference and AGM

October 21-22, 2022

Hybrid conference: Online and in Ottawa


Historically, war has been a profoundly gendered experience, as traditional dichotomies put women securely on the “Homefront,” as supporters, caregivers and afterward, as mourners of the dead. Much scholarship has reflected on the historical experiences both on the battlefield and the “Homefront,” and we now know that these two cannot be neatly separated. Early historiography focused on the contention that war broke down gender norms, even was liberating for women. While we are interested in continuing such discussions, we are also hopeful of expanding and diversifying them by hearing about gendered experiences of war-related activities in Ontario. How did women manage new familial tensions, take on new types of work, remember those who were lost? In particular, we seek to explore how war is now taught in schools, how war is remembered and preserved through public history institutions and through commemoration, and new insights from current academic research on these subjects. 


Possible topics include, but are not limited to:


Teaching War and Gender:

Exploring wartime roles and resistance

Moving beyond traditional narratives of war


Public history and the presentation/preservation of wartime: 

Presenting and preserving war and gender at museums

Women’s role in commemorating the war

The role of archives in the documentation of war


Original research on war-related activities: 

The “Homefront”

Volunteerism and the wars

Wartime and women's rights

Collateral damage of war

Post-war and demobilization

Anti-war movements

Gendering patriotism, nationalism, and war narratives

War in popular culture


We are accepting proposals for individual papers, panels, and plenary sessions. Please submit a 250-word proposal by July 20, 2022 to:


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