UPDATED: Summer School Course on The Politics of Protest, Development and Social Change

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Summer Program
July 18, 2022 to July 29, 2022
United Kingdom
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Graduate Studies, History Education, Labor History / Studies, Political History / Studies, Social History / Studies

Summer School Course on The Politics of Protest, Development and Social Change
18-29 July 2022


This course provides a critical introduction to the history, nature and impact of global protest. It analyses how social movements, NGOs and other civil society organisations have interacted and influenced each other and how they have globalised. It interrogates the role of labour movements alongside social movements and explores the extent to which movements are posing a challenge to neoliberalism. The course also discusses the notion of development as economic growth, assesses the critiques against NGOs as alternatives to state-led development and considers how imperialism and war are pursued under the guise of humanitarian intervention. Finally, it examines both the theoretical basis for social movement and NGO strategies for social change as well as their practical implications, and draws on a number of case studies, including the explosion of the climate justice movement and Black Lives Matter, and advances ideas about what kind of development and social change is possible under late capitalism.

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