Run a Wikipedia assignment in Fall 2022 and engage your students in work with far reaching impact!

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July 29, 2022
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Misinformation and digital illiteracy are rampant, but you and your students can do something about it. Run a Wikipedia assignment in Fall 2022, and ensure that the world has access to reliable and accurate information.


The idea is simple, but powerful—faculty at post-secondary institutions partner with Wiki Education and have their students contribute to Wikipedia as a graded assignment. the benefits of running a Wikipedia assignment are myriad, but at its core, students do work that can potentially reach millions, while honing critical digital literacy skills.  


Wiki Education's support is fully funded, and there are no fees to run a Wikipedia assignment. We provide a robust set of resources to faculty and students throughout the assignment. Since 2010 we've worked with over 100,000 students who have collectively contributed over 80 million words to Wikipedia thus far. When given the chance, students can truly have an immense impact on open knowledge, and they can play an important role in making Wikipedia a more equitable place.


The deadline to run the assignment in Fall 2022 is July 29. To get started visit

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