Energy in American History

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We seek qualified researchers with specializations in environmental history, energy history, and the history of science and technology (and related fields) to serve as contributors to the forthcoming, two-volume ABC-CLIO reference work Energy in American History: A Political, Social, and Environmental Encyclopedia. The project will take readers from the earliest days of wood, wind, and horsepower through the Industrial Revolution and the Age of Steam and into the era of coal and oil in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Entries will detail major energy transitions from fossil fuels to nuclear energy to the search for alternative and renewable sources of energy in the present era. The project aspires to be inclusive of environmental, social, and political themes, including the environmental impact of energy production, the social and cultural history of consumption, and a detailed survey of the relationship between changing U.S. energy needs and shifts in U.S. foreign policy. Contact Jeffrey Webb at for a list of available entries, compensation information, and submission guidelines (including deadlines).

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